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Social Media Marketing Video Tutorial and Guide

Social Media Marketing Video Tutorial and Guide

Transcript To Follow Alone

0:00 hello my name is Brent gave and ICAO
0:03 my reputation backup today we’re going to be talking about the pillars of
0:07 social media more
0:08 do that anytime you like have a consultation for my company
0:12 feel free to click on the link below fill out the form
0:16 and I’ll have your consultation personally on social media market so
0:20 let’s get started
0:21 we’re gonna start out with two basic principles for social media
0:27 number one you want to use
0:31 your Facebook Twitter pictures
0:35 Google+ buttons on your home page
0:38 so that they could show trust to the people that visit your website
0:42 these are typically call trust singles it used to be the Better Business Bureau
0:47 and other stamps like that their side falls under that label
0:51 now people are looking for social media signals
0:55 so by having a Facebook page with thousands of fans
0:59 and having that bind up high and using the recommend button said that the Like
1:04 button or the fair but
1:05 that shows that two thousand people have recommended
1:09 your side on Facebook and that plays a critical role
1:13 the conversion rate and the same goes for you traitor
1:16 Google+ and pictures buttons by people seeing
1:20 this year using social media and that people are actively following you
1:25 gives instant rice to every
1:28 advertising dollars that use their secondly for all social media
1:35 it is important to locate your share buttons in the right place
1:40 so yeah blog or Kohl’s
1:44 offer specific products whatever it may be
1:47 you have to make sure that it’s easy for people to quickly share
1:52 something that they lack on Facebook Twitter
1:55 Pinterest Google+ whatever it may be and that could be putting them at the bottom
2:01 of the post
2:02 or the top of the polls good sometimes it’s good to have who in both places
2:06 you could use the actual buttons from Twitter
2:10 and Facebook at the top portion in the the bottom
2:13 you can use our a third party like
2:17 at this a share this use their co
2:20 and I like to have buttons at the top to the bottom so the 14-time
2:24 they feel like sherry it’s right there for them to do it
2:29 let’s move on to Facebook the number one
2:33 area for Facebook starts with your fan page
2:36 and increasing the number of fans that you have
2:40 that are following the company’s on Facebook this is important this goes
2:44 back to email marketing and building a subscriber base with its
2:47 newsletter or a type-a list this is the same type of situation every time
2:53 someone its like button on your facebook fan page
2:56 their of the ants your status messages so every time he said that a status
3:00 message if you have thousands of fans
3:02 it’s showing up in thousands those status is
3:06 for eats individual Facebook page
3:09 number two whenever you start
3:14 having status shares it’s important to you views
3:18 images images are the most sheer
3:21 a any type of media on Facebook
3:25 so by incorporating images where the image is about your company
3:30 which is about a specific you were specific products
3:33 be sure to be creative with these images trite
3:36 try to pay something that that makes someone sheer
3:41 don’t just put up fierce your standard for or some sort of stock photo
3:45 get creative try to think I’ve putting viral components in place
3:50 or something that is significant war the whole
3:54 make someone get this year number three
3:59 ask questions to get comments so with the Facebook status updates
4:05 they have a all over just like who has an algorithm which terms were your site
4:09 rakes in the search engine Facebook does the same thing with
4:13 with their status updates so if people are actually making comments
4:18 on your status updates that it’s going to go up higher
4:22 on the ratings and stay higher ratings so
4:25 and also every time someone makes a comment goes out to all their fans
4:30 and all other their friends and fans but whatever
4:33 wherever they’re making the the comment from where he from their fan page for
4:37 personal account if they make a comment
4:40 everyone sees that cock everyone sees the postal savings this year
4:45 so be sure to ask questions were there may be as simple as
4:49 was your New Years resolution and that gets people to you
4:53 answer that question and Laos
4:56 that post share
5:00 number four the fans
5:03 what discounts and coupons now this has been surveyed over and over
5:08 the past couple of years to identify what fans want for companies to
5:13 oh so the status updates and five times over
5:17 coupons and discounts are always the number one
5:21 fickt on its server so make sure your corporate dads you
5:26 yearly strategy so every week you’re putting out a new
5:30 discount or you coupon code for a different product or service
5:34 so that you could not only get interest
5:37 from the from your fans and give them what they want
5:40 but at the same time your actively promoting specific products
5:44 also you could specifically track each one because you can use
5:48 individuals you Ponce that are just for Facebook
5:52 and that helps out analytics track because a lot of people will say the
5:56 first thing with social media which is confusing
5:58 is hard to track there’s Reeser
6:01 for tracking finally
6:05 keep your status updates under nine teachers
6:08 this is that the proven amounts the 70% to 90% sure to rage
6:14 which gets people to read and sheer
6:17 anything over that people see that and they just they don’t have the time so
6:22 with with Facebook they want see quickly read the status update
6:26 or CD image are read the question have responded move or
6:32 are moving on Twitter once again just like with Facebook it’s important that
6:37 you bill your followers and
6:41 you’ll no followers all times it waz
6:44 and that with where you can follow people that follow back
6:48 and all times urs list out there user names
6:52 a you can follow between 200 to 250 a day
6:56 now the end of the day it’s going to you increase your followers
6:59 parts a lot of these people that are
7:03 allowed that are following thousands and tens of thousands of other accounts
7:07 they’re not going to click through be your Twitter updates
7:10 so it’s also important to actively go after
7:14 your your customers and prospects whatever marketing you’re using yeah he
7:17 knows our newsletter
7:19 should actively promoting your Twitter account
7:23 and try to incentivize the fall if they follow
7:27 they get access to cheap on if they follow the get access to some type of content
7:32 battle cruiser reverse racism follows his the you know that you want you
7:36 just like with Facebook you once you fill the following on Twitter because
7:39 its people out there yet
7:41 to see your Twitter its
7:44 secondly tweet say to be true 120 to 130 churches law
7:50 so through proven that that that about characters
7:53 gets the most read tweets and most clicks
7:58 so let’s try to just
8:01 good for her work document whatever you need the
8:04 will you do which we’ll tell you I’m searchers it is so
8:07 you’re handling it are you have a social media person just make sure they’re
8:11 they’re wary of staying within that range
8:15 number three was i think is one of the most important
8:19 yours ass for the retrieve every time
8:22 the into every twins you need to ask
8:26 for the ritual you simply put please retrieve her please
8:30 RT was most people wars and is a great week
8:34 is referring to that just by putting thats
8:37 at the end of the average week increases the amount every treats
8:41 anywhere from 10 35 percent
8:46 number four as for timing over into three
8:49 people always ask me that question through proven that the best time for
8:53 the maximum click the ratio
8:56 is the afternoon period between 3 to 5 p.m.
8:59 Central Standard Time so it just that whatever time zone the jury
9:04 try to time it she treats for that was all kinds of programs out there
9:08 where you could preload all other treats have to go out every day
9:11 between this time after and five the number five
9:16 you specific keywords your hash tags
9:20 yeah reason for this is because there are tens of thousands
9:25 of people with a each industry which were views
9:29 Twitter caps to push
9:33 tweets people using different has tax
9:36 given extra content on the website in addition to that
9:39 there’s hundreds of thousands of people each day doing twitter searches
9:44 for specific gas tax whether they’re looking for an issue related content
9:49 whether they’re looking for help in a specific area or looking for service
9:53 so for example if your SEO company gonna make sure you just
9:57 real simple past ask a
10:00 SEO if you have topic about SEO
10:03 for you SEO service and that goes for whatever industry this year
10:08 be sure not to go overboard amounts of keywords that you
10:11 using because it’s important that you were using keywords that people were
10:15 actually searching for
10:17 so if you put SEO
10:21 services in montana for your ass day that may be a little bit too extreme
10:26 focus on that the target keywords get the most traffic
10:29 you wonder about traffic go into the free Google Adwords Keyword Research
10:34 and identify is this we’re getting traffic good
10:37 you target those specific gas tax the ranch for kids
10:43 moving on we’re gonna go to Google+
10:48 number one it’s important to increase
10:51 that number of circles that your personal profile
10:55 you personal profiles which he over
10:59 other Google+ campaign for your business
11:03 comment that plays the biggest world
11:06 yes you’re and for you to have an impact
11:11 you have to be in people certain so you’re only afford it encircles
11:15 is not going to have any impact on your overall SEO campaign doesn’t look good
11:19 it shows up in search that you wrote this article
11:22 in early for that inserts so can issue for goal
11:26 to to get over fifty get over 100 those are the two big threshold
11:30 starts to the vessels G
11:35 number two at the relative offer
11:38 to every piece of content that you about
11:42 it has been proven over and over that the content
11:45 withdrawal to offer for Google+ account
11:49 ranks higher on Google has a higher click-through rate
11:52 when people see it in a Google search so the differences as opposed to a content
11:57 this justifies a test
11:59 yet the relative offer is going to have your content
12:03 plus a image on the profile Google+
12:06 show that you using at the bottom
12:10 we are easy to do if you have no or for us far
12:14 the at all while Beach Post easier template
12:18 another time contents shorts were gone coach yeah
12:21 and automatically shows up on all lists
12:27 every three YouTube Google+ reggie 34 issue locations
12:32 so with this your homepage are you have awful service pages
12:37 yeah strategy for increasing Google+ once for each
12:41 those pages views who plays a heavily
12:44 yes you’re well where your pages
12:47 show and search and thats wat weighing heavy here
12:51 have your as %eh your goes by
12:54 one strategy that uses what’s called
12:58 through close contact so you create some compelling content
13:02 people want to have and give it away for free
13:06 exchange for getting a plus one but
13:09 that fuss was about movie the your homepage
13:12 the service page you all to make them now based upon that
13:18 segue decide with with Facebook and Twitter
13:21 ass for the plus-one use letters rose campaigns
13:25 so we’re sending out an email newsletter with the giving away
13:29 a coupon giving away a free service for the content
13:34 your house for the plus one thing for both the Google locker
13:38 from your use leather and that becomes her that plus one strategies
13:45 number four review how your profile pic
13:49 books all the search results so once you’ve had it
13:52 relative author to your pages for you Google+
13:57 you wanna make sure how it works looks want to do a search in
14:01 content shows up mixer looks professional
14:04 because if you are a professional company that picture is going to
14:08 be the first person I have significantly through basic content based on the
14:12 service page
14:14 that’s a first impression that he said something onto
14:17 your services yessums worth groovy
14:20 pics for a vacation take your time
14:24 take the professional pic make sure looks good search
14:29 and finally the fourth your social media really focus on this
14:32 interests growing dramatically over over the last year
14:36 have k Michael who and it was there
14:39 initially it was it was all about women and now it’s kind of
14:43 broken down to women then love loves you
14:46 buyers use this social you
14:51 don’t want everyone to focus on is keeping the image with
14:54 greater than 500 seven days the reason for that is because
14:59 if it’s smaller than 50 and 70 vessels they were able to see the full-size image
15:04 on Pinterest and not click-throughs your site
15:07 the interest is known for having one of the highest rates for full traffic
15:11 the second large issue for all only to Facebook
15:15 in all over your and the reason is because people
15:19 with these mortgages and when they try to click to see the entire image
15:24 they are forced to go see were ritual images
15:27 which is our website so 570
15:30 pixels is the hear you greater
15:36 number two you want to optimize
15:40 the may move your image and you’re all tech
15:43 this is going to help you show up better pitchers for specific keywords
15:50 and the vault and is going to be there title
15:53 the people sing on Pinterest and has the same
15:56 kinda valuation as the subject line doesn’t know more kids
16:01 you want to make sure that that title
16:04 that all tech is hell think it’s people that’s like how
16:08 like the 13 fillers a social media for
16:12 a way east yeah number one ranking
16:16 titles like that gives people the clay and then from there they go to use it
16:20 it’s your site number three
16:24 don’t rights you creature images from scratch under all
16:29 Trevor WI Cherie republish
16:33 infographics shown success on other web sites
16:37 with the national or other sites
16:41 they have infographics you can see the ones that are getting sheer
16:45 over and over and that you can take
16:48 the original image today for graphic your site
16:51 thank you attribution to the author
16:55 which and then put it on Pinterest and what happens is
16:59 you’re able to drive that viral site traffic
17:02 and the policy images have a track record for success
17:06 as opposed to try to creating images are or spend a bunch of
17:11 money on eurozone infographics use what’s out there for me it’s your industry
17:17 publish polls finally asked for the Hitman from
17:22 so with with your specific campaigns were
17:25 vs retreats alike
17:29 ask for the pin we have campaigns your photos and images or content that
17:34 infographics on them ask them
17:37 take a look at this if the graphic done looking at
17:41 please take a moment to repay or you know
17:44 pictures and that is going to help you
17:47 its we’ve the difference between a
17:51 campaign where we go ask you what would you ask can be the difference between
17:54 ten pence
17:56 in two hundred it’s as simple as that
17:59 I hope you will enjoy it the pillars a social worker
18:03 picked up some information that you use your campaign
18:06 ever never once again feel free to click on the link below the spear
18:11 and I’ll personally give your social media consultation